Why use dataplicity?

Monitor your Raspberry Pi’s performance and control basic I/Os remotely, or add some simple code and create entirely custom Cloud enabled devices accessible from your smartphone: the choice is yours…

Control Freak

Online GPIO control

Use dataplicity to control your Pi’s GPIOs over the internet and make it do whatever you want. Turn on a buzzer, switch a light on, or any thing else your Pi is set up for.

All the Pi’s!

Cloud 2
Manage Multiple Pi’s Remotely

Whether it be our pre-built Raspberry Pi dashboard or your own custom built devices, dataplicity lets you remotely monitor and manage all your Pi devices in one place.

Works with everything

Laptop and Ipad 2
Multiple device compatibility

Our system works on a broad range of devices including Android, Windows phones, iOS devices and any device that can run a web browser.

Projects using dataplicity

Remotely controlled LED

Tiny LED Basic

Use dataplicity to control one or more LEDs over the internet. If you are a beginner, this is the best project to start with.

Scalextric online

Tiny Scalextrix

Got a Scalextric set and a Raspberry Pi? Control your car’s speed from your computer or your phone over the internet using dataplicity.

Online stock ticker

Tiny Ticker

Build a real time stock ticker using dataplicity and a Maplin AM03127 signboard, so you can keep track of the stock market!

Get started building projects with dataplicity