dataplicity is the premier control platform for the Internet of Things.

If you design or build network connected devices, you can leverage the dataplicity platform to make high quality network connected hardware without the hassle and cost of web development or infrastructure support.

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Devices reporting a location are pinned to the Dashboard

  • A device reporting a GPS position will automatically appear on a common Dashboard.

  • You can also design your own Dashboard widget in XML to include live device data directly into the map

  • No programming required.


Track device activity

  • Present data collector outputs in human readable form for mobile and desktop.

  • View device data transferred and control telecoms data charges.

  • Identify faults with remote diagnostics.

  • Access device connectivity history and logging data.


Design your device UI in basic XML

  • Many supplied widgets – tabs, text fields, selection boxes and more!

  • Produce a sophisticated UI for desktops and a simpler UI for mobile.

  • Design a custom panel for display in the Dashboard view.

  • Add validation rules to user inputs.

  • Design custom messages for input validation errors.

  • No CSS, CGI, HTML, JavaScript or software development required!


Leverage permissions to better manage users and devices

  • Group devices by folder, and assign permissions to folders.

  • Collect users in groups and assign groups to better manage a large userbase.

  • Assign read, write and/or administrator privileges.


Remotely manage device firmware

  • Update in-service devices remotely.

  • Centrally view firmware history and version notes.

  • Upload firmware directly from development devices.

  • Stagger firmware rollout to tiered device groups to minimize risk.

  • Add new firmware features and upgraded devices will automatically select the updated user interface.


Sell your devices under your own branding!

  • When preparing your device for sale, you can brand your site as your own.

  • Change platform logo, tagline and colour scheme for your URL.

  • Add resources, images, logos, branding and documentation to your devices.

  • Use dataplicity to power your devices, but maintain your own customer relationships.