Connect, control and monitor your Raspberry Pi devices

BL Centered Rpi Screenshot in Laptop 750x517

Monitor your Raspberry Pi’s vitals remotely, tell it how to interact with the outside world or use it to record information from your custom devices, the choice is yours…

Why dataplicity?

Control Freak

Online GPIO control

Use dataplicity to control your Pi’s GPIOs over the internet and make it do whatever you want. Turn on a buzzer, switch a light on, or any thing else your Pi is set up for.

All the Pi’s!

Cloud 2
Manage Multiple Pi’s Remotely

Whether it be our pre-built Raspberry Pi dashboard or your own custom built devices, dataplicity lets you remotely monitor and manage all your Pi devices in one place.

Works with everything

Laptop and Ipad 2
Multiple device compatibility

Our system works on a broad range of devices including Android, Windows phones, iOS devices and any device that can run a web browser.

Projects that use dataplicity


Unattended tank dipping system

The world’s most flexible tank management system powered by dataplicity


Cloud controlled smart lapdesk

Custom-made lapdesk using by XBMC and
Raspberry Pi and powered by dataplicity

Stock ticker

Cloud controlled stock ticker signboard

dataplicity-enabled stock ticker using Maplin
AM03127 signboard and Raspberry Pi

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